Meeting in Finland

We had our first Skype meeting on 13th January. The goal was simply to have our pupils introduce themselves in front of the camera. The connections worked well; we were able to see and hear each other. We teachers also agreed on sharing and using the pupils' project files when setting up the second meeting. There the goal will be to have every pupil communicate with their one chosen partner.

We skyped for the second time on January 27th. Class 7A of Pateniemi School had studied the presentations sent by Peter and Kristine. The pupils had then prepared some questions as homework. Next the pupils were guided to make Skype accounts shared by two and each pair was given their fellow-pair to contact. Then the calls were made and the questions were answered. Happy faces and new ideas were visible. We teachers agreed afterwards to give the pupils topics to discuss at the last Skyping. So far everything has gone very smoothly.

We skyped for the third time on February 3. This time our pupils were using iPads in order to have more privacy when chatting. Pairs, or groups of three, talked about topics suggested by the Danish pupils after the second meeting. Naturally some pairs just continued where they left off last Wednesday. We reached the main goal: every pupil got to chat with their Danish friends. The underlying scheme of the teachers was also realised: the happy face of a shy pupil finding the courage to speak up. In all, it was a successful set of Skype-meetings.