When we got home from France

Meeting in Finland

Introducing Henri Matisse in second grade

The pupils love this art project. They are very motivated.
We started out by introducing the artist by using a PowerPoint show. We talked about his life and his work.
Henri Matisse found out that he wanted to be an artist, when he was 20 years old and got sick. He discovered the joy of painting, when his mom got him brushes and paint.
In the classroom we talked about the pupils dreams for the future, and they had to tell about the time they found out, what their dream was. I was very happy when a couple of the pupils wanted to be a teacher, because it looked like fun when I was a teacher :)

Afterward we tried "painting with scissors" only with white paper. Just to try it, and get the feeling of cutting instead of drawing or painting. The pupils thought it was a little bit frustrating some times, that they just couldn`t draw something and THEN cut it out. But they thought it was fun.



Afterwards we made made collages, where the children had to make a character with a hat. We shared our results with the pupils from Austria over Skype.
The pictures of the results are sadly lost. So we can share them here on the homepage.

Introducing Niki de Saint Phalle in third grade

When summer was over second grade turned in to third grade.
Now we were ready to begin the work with Niki de Saint Phalle.

The pupils thought that she was a very interesting artist and the loved all of the colors and the funny sculptures. Some of them had even seen some of her work in France without knowing that she had made it.

I all so introduced the artist to the second grade. They were also very impressed.




Written by Christine

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