When we got home from Austria

Meeting in Finland

Week plans

When we got home from Austria, we were very inspired. We started using the week plan immediately and the pupils love to work in this new way. The are already working more independently.

Exsample of some of a week plan in 2. grade

We soon discovered that the week plan gave the pupils more freedom, and it also gave us teachers more time to help those who need more guidance.

Now every class from first to third grade is using week plans.

Christmas cards

In november, we made the christmas cards and sent them to all of the countries.
In december we received a lot of christmas cards in return. The pupils were very excited about them.

The pupils in second grade showing off all of the received christmas cards.

Gustav Klimt

After the christmas holidays we started up by introducing Gustav Klimt for the pupils in the second grade.
We made a PowerPoint presentation where the pupils got all the facts about Klimt and saw some of his work. They also got an introduction to the week plan.

Introduction to Gustav KlimtPresentation af Gustav Klimt

The week plan was not identical with the one they used in Austria, but it was adapt to our pupils preunderstanding and age.

The week plan - Gustav Klimt

The pupils work hard and had a lot of fun with the different tasks. They learned alot about Gustav Klimt and his work. When we evaluated with a quiz they could designate his work when they saw a mix of different kinds of art. They could also answer a kinds of questions about his life and career.


Lucas is colouring

Sebastian, Gry and Filippa is playing hangman -

The different tasks from the week plan

The pupils are helping each other writing about a painting

Second grade is working in Paint for the first time. They are making a paraphrase of "Tannenwald" by Gustav Klimt 1901


Now it was time for the pupils to learn about Mr. Hundertwasser. The week plan was filled with new and exciting tasks and the pupils were just as motivated. They are very excited about working in paint and using the QR-codes. Like last time we started out with a PowerPoint presentation, where they learned about Hundertwasser and his career. We also talk about his art work and buildings and this stile. The pupils took it all in and was ready to get to work.


The week plan

As the last time, the week plan is not identical whit the one we saw in Austria. It is adapted. But we thought that the main goal was, that the pupils got to know a lot about the artists and at the same time used the media. And they did! When we evaluated the pupils knew a lot about Hundertwasser and they could recognize his work.

Work whit Hundertwasser - Pictures

The pupils making paraphrases of Hundertwasser Hause in Wien

The pupils working whit different tasks from the week plan



After intense work whit the Austrian artists we have discovered a lot.
First we discovered that we had to adapt the tasks to our pupils and our school. We assessed what we thought was most important for our pupils to learn about the artists, and we focused on the curriculum for arts and danish in Denmark.

In the surveys it was very clear, that the pupils was not used to use computer, tablet and so on in art class. They are now familurer with different kinds of medias, that can be used both when producing art and learning about art.

Several pupils have come to afterward telling about how they have introduced the artists and the computer program Paint at home.

Another element is, that the pupils have a feeling of being part of something bigger than them self. They think that it is almost magical, that some kids ind France, England, Finland and Austria is learning about the same things and that all of their work will be used for something. That motivates them even more.

Written by Christine

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